Despite the end in sight, coronavirus is still sticking around and will inevitably effect how the world will be in 2021 - which means lockdowns, isolation and regulations all keeping us safe.

In the entertainment stakes, this means that 2021 will herald and even greater emphasis on getting highly anticipated games in the hands of the public.

With the release of new popular consoles, such as the XBOX Series X, Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch, 2021 will be a year not for introducing new versions for existing consoles - but a year of building the library of games for these consoles.

Consoles are not the only thing either. Online igaming from your computer, tablet or smartphone continues to stay incredibly popular. 

For example, an online casino licensed in Malta, named Betamo, matches reliability with security and a large selection of the latest casino games.

However, back to video gaming - there is definitely plenty of reasons to be excited for 2021. For a start, a whole selection of followups to some of the most beloved games ever are on their way. Media tie in games should have another excellent year as well.

Despite overall positivity surrounding the gaming sector in Malta for 2021, it is still very early on in the year. The pandemic will still be a reality until at least halfway through the year, live events and cinemas will be be subject to restrictions and lockdowns. 

However, there are two sectors the economy can almost solely rely on delivering - streaming services like Netflix will continue to add more TV shows and films to their platform and the booming gaming market will continue to dominate the entertainment sector.