Although many are itching to get back to the office and have face to face interactions, something that is here to stay is video recruitment.

Whether it's a hybrid of in person and virtual interviews (via Zoom or Teams), or, it's a completely remote process; there have been a ton of benefits to conducting interviews completely via video.

The CEO of Odro, Ryan McCabe, explained that the level of usage has been widely accepted outside of the Gen Z age group that it previously targeted.

With older demographics getting on board with video platforms to stay in contact with family and friends, it's clear that the attitude has changed toward video. 

These demographics have experienced the accessibility features and how universal they are - which instills confidence. 

Especially in the UK, we've had over 8 months now to get accustomed to video platforms, and interviewing in this way feels like second nature for many.

Although we anticipate there will still be an appetite for a hybrid interview process, a positive that has come out of a global lockdown is demonstrating how accessible video platforms are - which should boost morale and confidence amongst older demographics who may have been sceptical in the past.