Time is a continuous strain on both agencies and internal talent teams, and 2020 has forced recruitment functions to confront their dated, drawn-out processes which yield very little return.

A staggering 41% of recruiters consider saving time in the sourcing process to be a major challenge, which in turn has forced them to welcome automated processes with open arms.

This has been described as "programmatic recruitment" and in essence, removes the need for tedious manual tasks such as posting roles on multiple platforms; instead allowing these notifications to be dispersed at the click of a button.

Programmatic recruitment can also be identified as a data-driven approach, which for a lot of talent teams can help to support their talent strategy, as well as individual performance - whether this is via a job board, social media or through their own personal network.

There is understandably an element of fear around relinquishing control to tech platforms that work to simplify the whole recruitment process. It can feel daunting to allow a program or platform to support you.

However, at CloudRPO we strongly believe that this method of recruitment will enable agencies and internal teams alike to have a hybrid process. 

There is no need to eliminate the need for human contact, however, there is a need to optimise it.