As a global business, we're constantly evolving, leading to us looking to expand in the US market.

With notoriously large fees, growing Tech, Engineering and Life Sciences hubs and multiple sponsorship options, the USA boasts a number of opportunities both for junior and senior level candidates.

Covid-19 affected the employment market globally, however it's encouraging to see that the US market is starting to recover, with 638,000 jobs being added - causing the unemployment rate to fall.

Although we anticipate that it's going to take the world at least 6-12 months to return to a "new normal", it's encouraging to see that our expansion will allow us to penetrate a new market and support the US recruitment market as time progresses.

The election results will also undoubtedly impact the US market once the dust has settled, which may leave some company cultures in turmoil over conflicting political beliefs.

Although this news is positive, it's important to note that although this change is positive, it's incremental and definitely should be monitored throughout December as well as early 2021.