Creating a safe social workspace where employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work has always been important, and with remote hiring becoming more common it is just as important when communicating virtually.

Millions of people who are working from home at the moment rely on virtual communication tools such as Zoom, Teams and Slack. 

However, despite still using popular conversation tools, Ms. Davila and Ultranauts are working in a way that can promote diversity remotely. 

Their video meetings have closed captioning - for those who prefer to read information over watching. 

Meeting agendas are given in advance so more introverted colleagues who don't usually like to contribute on the spot can prepare something beforehand.

Employees give feedback daily, explaining their thoughts on feeling valued or lonely at work.

Ultranauts' premise is to create a "safe space that allows everyone to be heard” and show how to effectively work from home while making progress towards diversity and inclusion goals. 

What makes Ultranauts different is their entirely remote workforce, who were working from home even before the pandemic - allowing issues that companies are facing because of covid to have already been addressed.