D&I has been a topic of conversation for a number of years, but with 2020 sparking necessary and significant dialogue with the Black Lives Matter movement, more and more people are speaking up on how they truly feel about D&I in their company. 

The statistics say it all. Almost half of Britain's workforce thinks that their employer could do more, with over 40% feeling as though the initiatives made by their business feel like token gestures that are only surface level. 

We spoke about this in a recent blog, but it's important that companies start to think of D&I as a cultural strategy, rather than a tick box exercise that it's so often made to be. 

Having a true culture of D&I comes from every single individual in the business, and it has to be challenged and changed and vocalised for it to go beneath surface level.

Knowing where to start can understandably feel challenging, however it's the incremental changes that will set you on the right path.

Are you talking to your employees? Are you listening to what their concerns are? 

D&I is a journey, not a destination.